Clementine crate makeover

A clementine crate is a stable little wooden crate and just too good to go after eating the fruit.
So, I collected ideas how to repurpose them and there are quite a lot of very nice and helpful uses for the little fruit boxes!

Clementine crate makeover
Clementine crates are just too good to go!

Winter scents during December: the small wooden crate is a perfect place for your Christmas inspired potpurri

Tangerine crate turned into a dispenser for diapers. Such a helpful idea!

Free pattern for the cover.

Lace and stucco help making a shabby rack

Perfect idea for the crafting room – clementine crate organizer

Find a detailed tutorial here:

Cutlery organizer

All you need is a beautiful font – or would you like to use your own handwriting?

Soon after winter spring will be around the corner – welcome him with a flower crate

Indoor herb garden in a clementine crate

A friendly reminder

Christmas themed dioramas

Detailed diorama, nativity scene or just a few baubles and fairy lights – the choice is yours!
The size is also perfect for most window sills.

Für diese weihnachtliche Szene in einer Mandarinenkiste habe ich glitzernden Kunstschnee, einen Leuchtdraht mit Sternen, kleinere Dekotannen und einen Weihnachts-VW Käfer verwendet.

Small tray from clementine crate

Build a bed for your child’s puppet!

Find the detailed tutorial here: Herzblut.

Market stand for children or buffet decor?

Small socker made from clementine box

If you have plenty of the crates, build a big shelf

Enjoy your relaxing Zen garden on your desk

Turn the clementine crate into an Advent wreath

Unique clock

Jewelry organizer made in just a few minutes

Always the best way to repurpose boxes 😊