Socks Upcycling Ideas. DIY for old, single and broken socks.

It is something we all know. Put two identical socks in the washing machine and one of them gets lost That orphaned single sock ends up in a cardboard box, waiting there for a few weeks, and then goes into the second-hand clothes bag. Or the nice woollen sock has a hole all of a sudden and gets thinner at the heel. Also here it went directly into the old-clothes bag. But I thought it was too bad constantly throw away socks and therefore went searching for ideas for smart socks upcycling. And I found so many great ideas that I probably will not throw out any more single socks until further notice!

Socken kaputt? Oder in der Waschmaschine verlorengegangen? Ab jetzt ein Grund zur Freude! Socken Upcycling.
Damaged socks? Lost in the washing machine? As of now a reason to be happy, because there are so many great ideas for upcycling socks!

Now if you think there come countless variants of the well-known sock animals: no! There are some really practical ideas. See for yourself:

Socks upcycling as a draught stopper

In particular, if you have already collected a lot of socks, you will be able to quickly sew a snake or a caterpillar to prevent cold air. You can easily adjust the length to your needs!
You don’t even have to buy absorbent cotton, just fill the snake with more socks or other used clothes. This way you can recycle clothes in a sustainable way without any transportation and CO2 emissions!

Old socks for your beauty!

Hair-friendly curlers socks that you can sleep on! That is what the curling iron is not able to do!

Make up remover sponge

You can get the detailed instructions for the little darlings here. By the way, they also make great gifts!

They become draining, cooling eye masks….

Or cute sleeping masks!

Scented ideas for socks upcycling

The idea of using old socks as a dispenser of pleasant fragrances may seem strange, I admit. But since most of them disappear in the washing machine, we are dealing with washed, neutral-smelling examples. We transform them into practical helpers. For example, into my absolute favorite, the…

Lavender sachets

Little lavender bags have a heavenly scent like summer and vacation and bring a pleasant fragrance to closets and rooms. The lavender is soothing and you can place a sachet like these under your pillow to promote better, deeper sleep and soothing relaxation. These sachets are so versatile, in fact, you can’t have enough of them. If you don’t have any lavender in your garden or it’s not the season for it, I highly recommend ordering lavender flowers.

Shoes deodorant

A teaspoon of baking soda into a tea bag or directly the sock, close the sock or turn so that nothing trickles out – ready is the shoe deodorant! Baking soda absorbs all unpleasant odors and neutralizes them.

Socks upcycling to ease everyday life. Household and cleaning practical ideas

Your cup holder in the car is pecky on the inside and sticky? Spray an old sock with a glass cleaner, put it over a cup and rotate it in the cup holder. Wipe the loosened residue from the holder with a second, clean sock over the cup.

Earring, contact lens, small screw or other tiny parts lost?

Put an old sock over the tube of the vacuum cleaner and secure it with a rubber band. All the small parts will be suctioned, but will not vanish in the vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning plants

Plants are an enrichment for every apartment. They purify the air, provide us with an extra portion of oxygen and simply look good. Sadly, dust loves to gather on them. Simply put an old sock over your hand and caress your plants a bit. You’ll be amazed what the sock gathers!

Socks upcycling: dress up plants

Dusting professional

An old sock on your hand and fingers allows you to get into even the smallest crevices. And at last you have a practical way to remove dust from slats.

Never again frozen windshield wipers!

Old sock + cat litter = no more fogged windshield!

MFurniture protector or floor protector? Doesn’t matter, it’s always an eye-catcher!

Homemade scented dryer balls

Your To-Go cup sometimes is almost too hot to touch? Or you would like to insulate it even better? Or simply avoid the cardboard sleeves from the coffee shop? Everything is possible!

Socks upcycling ideas for babies and children

Leg warmers for babies

Knee or tights protectors for toddlers

Socks upcycling as fishing game!

Sock stuffing, include a small magnet. Place all fishes in a small tub or pot. Tie small ring magnets to a string. Attach a twig or wooden stick to the other end of the string. There you go, the giant fun begins!

New clothes for the dress-up doll! In this way, you can playfully communicate the value of not simply throwing things away, but reusing them.

Keeping your desk tidy is fun!

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